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Contact us

  • Free hotline:400-600-9935
  • Tel:+86-791- 83840001
  • Fax:+86-791- 83840002
  • Cell phone:13907080008

Company Profile

Jiangxi Tiande International Translation and Copywriting Co. Ltd, is a limited liability company established according to company law. Approved by the State Administrative Department for Industry & Commerce in 2002, our company is one of the earliest professional copywriting companies officially registered in China. Our core businesses include project text compilation, business copywriting and language translation and we also provide convention and exhibition services. After 10 years of development, Tiande writing and Tiande international translation have become a national well-known industry brand.

We provide professional Chinese writing and language translation services to domestic and foreign enterprises, government agencies, social organizations, media and individuals. The manuscripts include business plans, project proposals, advertising, economic affairs, paperwork, legal documents, speech, literature books, newsletter, overseas study exchanges, formal letters and biographies and historical records, etc. and cover many fields such as agriculture, biology, water conservation, environment, transportation, finance, securities, insurance, business, marketing, trade, communications, tourism, real estate, construction, culture, education, health, advertising, entertainment, film and television, books, information, media, law, science and technology, literature and social services. With the operating system of core writers and staff writers, our company has established a dedicated, efficient, experienced, aggressive and professional translation group by cultivating and gathering excellent talents at home and abroad. Now we have 600 professional and experienced writers (translators), with 200 core writers (translators) and 400 staff writers (translators). We believe in good faith in the course of business operation and pursue professional and sound quality as well as excellence, in order to create value for clients. Different business items are accomplished by corresponding experts. The business plans and relevant documents made by us conform to the international conventions and governmental approval requirements. We have professional translators capable to translate the manuscripts into dozens of languages or directly write materials in native foreign language according to the European and American business thinking patterns and language convention, thus improving the international recognition of business plans.

Our company provides services all around the world. We have supplied efficient and outstanding copywriting services for domestic and foreign clients in many fields and has won full trust and high praise from all walks of life. The tangible and intangible value driven by our services reaches up to tens of billions yuan, which creates considerable economic benefits for clients and produce good social effects.

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